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Dual-Channel Thermistor Probe WiFi Temps Logger

For High-Accuracy Measurement CHESTERLAND OH, USA — Lascar has just introduced the EL-WiFi-DTP+ Thermistor Probe Data Logger for high-accuracy temperature measurement. Featuring Wireless connectivity to PC via WiFi and an integrated display, these temperature dataloggers send data online to the … Continue reading

NEW Strain Meter / Controller

Omega Model DP25B-S Stamford CT, USA — The DP25B-S strain meter/controller accepts a wide variety of DC voltage and current inputs to cover any typical process application. Standard features include easy front panel scaling to virtually any engineering units, selectable excitation of four voltages to work with most transducers and transmitters, front panel and remote tare function for weighing applications, and a hardware lockout to prevent unauthorized changes in setup. The DP25B-S strain meter is ideal for use with pressure transducers, load cells, or any strain gage type transducers. Four full digits and simplified scaling via the front-panel push buttons … Continue reading

Calibration, verification, adjustment

Which terms to use and when… Online — In the Collège Français de Métrologie’s E-LETTER for FEBRUARY 2015 this question is addressed. The purpose of this example, chosen for its simplicity, is to describe a situation, while trying to use the concepts and the terms proposed in the 3rd edition of the VIM. In the text, references to the concepts defined in the VIM3 are enclosed in brackets { } and the corresponding terms are in bold. Any measurement result {2.9} is affected by an error {2.16}, which is unavoidable, because measuring instruments {3.1} are imperfect and the procedures {2.6}, … Continue reading

Measuring brake disc temps w/IR Thermometry

By (Valentina Nikiforova) Online — High-Octane Motorsport e.V., the motorsport association of Erlangen-Nürnberg University, uses Micro-Epsilon sensors for its racing car. To improve the braking system, the company uses an infrared temperature sensor that measures the brake disc temperature … Continue reading

Lascar Introduces Dual-Channel External Thermocouple WiFi Logger

EL-WiFi-DTC Logger Streams Wireless Data to the Cloud Chesterland OH, USA  —  CAS DataLoggers and Lascar introduce the EL-WiFi-DTC data logger for cost-effective temperature measurement. Including FREE cloud data storage, these wireless dataloggers allow you to view data and alarms … Continue reading

Multichannel high temp meter with strong EMI immunity

4-channel high temp meter uses sheathed fiber optics Minsk, Belarus — The MultiChannel High Temperature Meter (MC-HTM) is designed to replace traditional temperature sensors as thermocouples, thermistors etc. for high (> 600 °C) temperature areas in presence of strong electromagnetic … Continue reading

New: The Flame Spectrometer

From automated production to interchangeable slits, the future of miniature spectroscopy has arrived. Live from Photonics West 2015, David Creasey of Ocean Optics explains the benefits of this novel new spectrometer. Learn more at… The Flame spectrometer delivers high thermal stability and low unit to unit variability —  without sacrificing the flexibility that distinguishes Ocean Optics spectrometers. Features include interchangeable slits, indicator LEDs and simple device connectors. Interchangeable slits provide the Flame spectrometer with measurement freedom. In this application note, we show the benefits of switching from a narrow slit for high resolution in absorbance measurements to a wider … Continue reading

NEW Wireless Barcode Reader

Offers Convenient, High Performance Scanning Lelystad, The Netherlands  —  The new Micronic Handheld Wireless Scanner MINI enables users to reliably read 1D and 2D tube and rack codes almost instantly. Measuring just 135 x 41 x 30 mm and weighing only 80 g, this small lightweight device is practical to carry around, easy-to-use and can read any 1D barcode or 2D Data-Matrix code on 24-, 48- and 96-well format tubes and racks. Due to its compact size and wireless operation, the Handheld Wireless Scanner MINI offers convenient, high performance scanning anywhere where you might need it. Users can now wirelessly … Continue reading

Leak Detection on Hydrogen Cooled Turbogenerators

Using CO2 Tracer Gas & GF343 CO2 Imaging Camera Meer, Belgium — FLIR Systems reports on how its FLIR GF343 CO2 Optical Gas Imaging camera is being used for monitoring leak detection on Hydrogen-cooled turbogenerators. Hydrogen-cooled generators, used in power … Continue reading

100 Channel Logging & Mapping Software Update

You can read the original blog post here 100 Channel Logging & Mapping Software Update.

The T24 data logging and mapping software is now available to download free of charge.  Tom Lilly, Technical Support Operator at Mantracourt, talks us through this intuitive application… The full functionality of T24LOG100 is now available to anyone that wants it at no cost. It means that people can have a proper experiment with an important part …

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Mantracourt Electronics is a manufacturer of measurement products. The instrumentation is designed for load cells, strain gauges, pressure sensors, torque transducers, flow sensors, temperature sensors, for signal conditioning, display and control using analogue, digital and radio wireless telemetry techniques.

The Affordable FLIR AX8™ Temp Sensor

Continuous monitoring in a compact package Wilsonville OR, USA  —  Combining thermal and visual cameras in a small, affordable package, the AX8 provides continuous temperature monitoring and alarming for uninterrupted condition monitoring of critical electrical and mechanical equipment. The AX8 … Continue reading

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